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Bill's Walk Across Virginia

About the Route
It would have been much easier and shorter to walk straight across Virginia, but I followed a circuitous route that zig-zagged across the state, carrying me through each distinct region. Had I walked the same miles in a straight line, I would have walked halfway across the country.

About the Trailers
I knew that I would eventually write a book about my walk, so just as I was getting started, I convinced a few friends to help me make some book trailers. Some helped by spraying me in the face with mace and others by dressing in a skimpy French maid's outfit, and all were greatly appreciated.

About the Videos
I shot plenty of videos with a tiny camera and posted some of them to YouTube, a few of which are linked here. Dawn West, my walking partner for almost 500 miles, shot the videos of me.

Writing about the Walk
Along the way, I blogged about my adventures (and misadaventures) as they occurred. I wrote magazine articles about some of the incidents, such as taking part in a world-record skinny dip and visiting a bison farm.

About the photos
Every region of Virginia is so vastly different from the others. From military steeped Hampton Roads to the monumented streets of Richmond, still clinging to its Confederate roots; from the marshy, oyster-dependent shores of the Chesapeake to the affluent, multi-cultured neighborhoods of NOVA; and from the agrarian fields of Central Virginia to the beautiful but lonesome mountains in the west. Each area's buildings, businesses, culture, and populace were foreign enough from the others that I couldn't truly say I'd explored Virginia unless I'd visited them all.

Lost in Editing
The following writing comes from chapters that I wrote for the book about my Walk Across Virginia, but later eliminated during the editing process.

Sneak Peek
Want to read a sample before plunking down your hard-earned cash to purchase a copy? I don't blame you.

What Others are Saying
Blah blah blah.

For the Media
Feel free to quote from this Interview-style media release.

The goal of this walk was for me to explore the land I've called home for 30+ years and learn about my neighbors.


The black line on the map marks the path that Bill walked


The Short Trailer

The Longer (and somewhat silly) Trailer


Warrenton street musician plays "What a Wonderful World"

Kuzu taking over portions of Virginia

Cujo chases car

Cliff diving into a water-filled quarry

Dawn West creating glass art with Parker Stafford at his studio in Newport (PLAYLIST of 4 videos)

Beehives at Kegley Farm

Black bear in Shenandoah National Park

Mud bogging in Scottsville

The National D-Day Memorial in Bedford

Cadet Michael O'Brien running through Virginia Tech's obstacle course


"The Naked Truth" published in Virginia Living

"A Bear-Sized Adventure" published in Virginia Living

"Where the Buffalo Roam" published by Virginia Living

"Good Eats and an Errant Peek" published by Virginia Living

"Walking These Hampton Roads" published by Coastal Virginia Magazine

"Duke of Windsor" published by Hampton Roads Magazine

"The Great Marsh" published in Virginia Living

"Walking Home" published in The Sun, March 2010

"The Mud Bog" published by Virginia Living

"A Movable Feast in Abingdon" published by Virginia Living

"A Walk Across Richmond" published by Virginia Living

"Richmond to Fredericksburg" published by Virginia Living


Each "Photo Montage" link will cycle through a series of photos before automatically returning you to this page.

Photo Montage: Wildlife

Photo Montage: Posing at Each of Virginia's Borders

Photo Montage: Mountain Views

Photo Montage: Views from the Mount Vernon Trail

Photo Montage: Virginia Tech Memorials on anniversary of April 16th Shooting Massacre

Photo Montage: Flora

Photo Montage: Christmas Art Displayed in Pulaski and Salem


The Counterfeit Farm Girl (Dawn & I pay a visit to a city girl transplanted into cow country)

Walks With Horses (about Chincoteague Island and the annual pony swim)

Lights, Camera, Action (Dawn & I visit the back lot of a movie studio in Suffolk)


(This material will be added after the book is released)


(This section is for back-cover blurbs to be garnered after the book is under contract)

“This was the best book I've ever read. Including my own!”
Old Famous Dude
Pulitzer Prize winning author of Great American Novel and other works.

Q & A

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